TearCare® is a groundbreaking new nonsurgical treatment for chronic dry eyes. At Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center in Riverside, California, leading optometrist Richard Bozner, OD, performs TearCare treatment onsite. This unique treatment system applies controlled heat to clogged eyelid glands to restore healthy tear flow and relieve dry eyes. To learn more, call the office or book your appointment using the online scheduling feature now.

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What is TearCare?

TearCare is an innovative treatment system that relieves the symptoms of dry eyes using controlled heat. Some of the different issues that this noninvasive treatment can help with include:

  • Red eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Tired-feeling eyes
  • Eye soreness

TearCare treatment is performed in the office at Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center, and it takes just about 15 minutes.

Who is a good candidate for TearCare treatment?

The TearCare system treats dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. This condition occurs when the meibomian glands — the numerous tiny oil glands at the edges of your eyelids — don’t secrete the oils needed to make a healthy tear film.

About 87% of eye care experts believe that meibomian gland blockage is the main reason for meibomian gland dysfunction. TearCare treatment can unblock the meibomian glands and restore healthy tear flow to relieve dry eyes.

If your dry eyes are caused by another issue (for example, allergies), you might need a different treatment approach. Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center has a wide range of different dry eye treatment options available in the office, so the team can assess your candidacy and help you pick the right treatment.

How does TearCare work?

The team positions the SmartLids™ device around your eyes. They adjust the device to fit close to your meibomian glands, just above your upper lashes and just below your lower ones. The device has an open-eye design so you can still see.

The team then uses the SmartHub™ controls to deliver heat to your meibomian glands within the optimal temperature range of 41° to 45° C. The system monitors the temperature 240 times per second to ensure your entire treatment happens within the ideal range.

The team may use the specially-designed Clearance Assistant™ tool to help unblock meibomian glands precisely.

The TearCare treatment is generally comfortable, and you don’t need any anesthesia.

What results can I expect after TearCare treatment?

TearCare relieves dry eyes in most people with meibomian gland blockages. It typically works in just one treatment session.

Results can last for up to a year, perhaps longer. However, you might need retreatment after six months to maximize your results.

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