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About Richard Bozner, OD


Richard Bozner, OD
About Our Provider

Thanks for visiting our website.  We understand eye care very well, just as you’d expect, but we also understand business.  We pledge to take excellent care of you as a patient foremost, but also as a customer and a friend.  This is extremely rare in health care today but we think you will find a refreshing change at Dr. Bozner, O.D.’s Vision Lab Optometry.  You will find people who care.

  • We are usually on time for appointments.  We do not overbook.
  • We offer evening and Saturday hours.
  • We won’t burden you with complicated forms to fill out.
  • We have a large enough staff to take care of you – by phone or in person.
  • Our staff is caring and friendly; we put you first.
  • We have patient-friendly policies.
  • Our office is spacious, clean, and comfortable.
  • We are easy to get to and have plenty of parking.
  • We provide extremely high quality eye care services and products.

If you are already a patient, we want to say thank you for placing your trust in us.  If you aren’t a patient yet, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to earn that trust.