OptiLight® IPL treatment is the first of its kind: A noninvasive method of light-based therapy and for chronic dry eyes. At Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center, dry eye disease expert Richard Bozner, OD, offers comprehensive care for ocular surface diseases in the Riverside, California, office, with an emphasis on nonsurgical and nondrug paths to rapid recovery. To learn how this 15-minute treatment can solve your dry eyes symptoms, call the office or book an appointment online now.

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What is OptiLight IPL treatment?

OptiLight IPL treatment uses pulses of intense light to treat dry eye disease. It’s the first and only FDA-approved treatment for dry eyes. OptiLight IPL is a 100% noninvasive and nondrug way to manage your symptoms.

How does OptiLight IPL treatment work?

Intense pulsed light treats chronic inflammation, often one of the root causes of dry eyes. It combats inflammation in several ways by targeting:

Inflammatory mediators

OptiLight IPL treatment reduces the level of pro-inflammatory mediators, decreasing inflammation and preventing it from progressing.

Abnormal blood vessels

OptiLight IPL targets and seals off the unhealthy blood vessels causing inflammation in your eyes.

Demodex mites

OptiLight IPL treatment kills demodex mites, common eyelid mites that can stimulate infections and inflammation.

Meibomian gland dysfunction

The Meibomian glands produce oils that help maintain a healthy tear film. But, clogged Meibomian glands can lead to poor-quality tears and discomfort. OptiLight IPL helps unclog the Meibomian glands.

With OptiLight IPL treatment, you can essentially disrupt the harmful cycle of inflammation to relieve your symptoms long term. After treatment, your tear breakup time — the amount of time it takes for your cornea to develop a dry spot following a blink — increases significantly, which means your eyes are more comfortable for longer.

What can I expect during OptiLight IPL treatment?

OptiLight IPL treatment is a comfortable on-site treatment at Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center. You’ll relax in a treatment chair, and the team places eye shields over your eyes, which protects them from the light.

During treatment, the team uses a handheld device to deliver pulses of light to the skin around the eyes. The process is comfortable thanks to the built-in SapphireCool™ chiller tip, which incorporates water cooling. The OptiLight IPL treatment process takes only about 15 minutes in the office, and you can resume normal activities immediately.

At Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center, you’ll find a complete spectrum of solutions for chronic dry eyes. OptiLight IPL is one of the newest and most innovative technologies for dry eye management, and it’s available in the office now. Call the office or book an appointment using the online scheduling feature to learn more now.