Up to 15% of all Americans currently have dry eyes. This includes allergies, red eyes, and all other dry eye diseases. This is especially a problem in Riverside, CA and the Inland Empire cities. If you’re dealing with persistent dry, itchy, red, and burning eyes, Richard Bozner, OD, of Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center offers treatments that can help. Treating the root causes of dry eyes gives you long-term relief, and in-office treatments require no downtime. Call the Riverside, California, office or book your appointment online today.

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What are dry eyes?

Dry eye disease, or dry eyes, occurs when you have a problem with your tear film, the smooth coating of tears that covers your eye surface. The film contains water, oils, and mucus, which protect and moisturize your eyes.

Problems with the tear film — having either too little or poor quality tears — lead to dry eyes. Although it’s the disease’s name, dry eyes aren’t the only issue. You can also experience itchy, red, burning, or teary eyes.

What caused my dry eyes or red eyes?

There are many possible reasons for dry eyes, red, itchy eyes.  The most prevelent cause is allergic reactions to airborne allergans (irritants) on your skin and lids and the eyes. Contact lenses and contact lens solutions can also cause red “scratchy” eyes.  Each contact lens solution has different preservatives that may affect you eyes.  Please make sure you do not change your solution from the one Dr. Bozner recommended at the time of your contactlens  dispensing. The best way to determine what’s causing the problem is to call Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry and Dry Eye Treatment Center and schedule an appointment with Dr.Bozner.

Other sympotms may include:

  • Aging, particularly after age 65
  • Being female, due to hormonal fluctuations
  • Medications, such as decongestants, antihistamines, and hypertension drugs
  • Blepharitis: eyelid inflammation
  • Ectropion: eyelid turning out, away from the eye
  • Entropion: eyelid turning in toward the eye
  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Smoky, windy, or dry climates
  • Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, and diabetes

Many experts believe meibomian gland dysfunction is a leading cause of dry eye disease. The Meibomian glands secrete oils that help you make and maintain a healthy tear film. Without this essential component, your eyes don’t have enough lubrication and moisturization.

Are red eyes caused by allergies or dry eyes?

Red eyes occur with both allergies and dry eyes, and it’s very common to have red eyes alongside other irritating symptoms. Because dry eyes and allergies can have similar symptoms, the team performs special tests to find the root cause of eye redness. Eye allergies can be caused by a myriad of factors including our Inland Empire smog, smoke from the recent fires, molds, pollens, weeds, plant spores, and chemical cleaning products.  Also, make-up like mascara, eyeliner, eye creams, eye shadow, or even some hair sprays may cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.  Its important to note that seasonal allergies in the Inland Empire are most prevalent in the spring and fall. When symptoms of watery, itchyness, and redness, with sneezing and runny nose appear, you can bet its probably some sort of allergan present!


Yes you can.  But if the symptoms continue and persist and recurr, then it is best to call and schedule a consultion with Dr. Bozner to make sure you do not have a more serious health condition.  It is important to know that there are three kinds of  over-the-counter eye drops.  One is an ocular lubricant, which moistens and wets the eye.  These are. refered to as “ocular lubricants”  The other is a drop that takes away the itch and can provide temporary relief.  The last one is a drop that constricts the tiny vessels in you eyes so your eyes do not appear so red.  Be careful with this drop.  It can mask more serious underlying conditions.  So this should be used with caution!

How are dry eyes treated?

Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center is a premier dry eyes practice that offers a broad range of treatment solutions. Some leading-edge options include:

Medical Management

There are several prescription options for dry eyes, including artificial tears (eye drops), ointments, and Tyrvaya®, a prescription nasal spray for dry eyes.


BlephEx removes lash line debris. This deep cleaning can restore normal tear production.


OptiLight IPL is light therapy to reduce inflammation, bacteria, and blood vessel inflammation around the eyes while improving meibomian gland function.


Thermal pulsation treatments deliver controlled heat to the meibomian glands. Expressing the clogged glands restores normal function and healthy tear production. Two options for this type of treatment are TEARCARE and MiBo THERMOFLO.


With so many effective treatments, there’s no reason to live with dry eyes anymore. Call Dr. Bozner’s Vision Lab Optometry & Dry Eye Treatment Center or click the online appointment maker for dry eye help.